Family Owned and Operated for Over 50 Years.

Welcome to Piquett Creek Ranch, just south of Darby, Montana.  This beautiful 400-acre ranch runs along the West Fork of the Bitterroot River, in the heart of the majestic Bitterroot Mountains.   You can wade into the crystal waters of the Bitterroot River system from nearly a mile our private shorline.   Each evening you can seek out the large colorful West Slope Cutthroat, and other trout that lurk in the shadowy depths of this wonderful river.

A cascading glacial stream (Piquett Creek) splits the ranch into two main parts: The upper ranch and the lower riverfront. The upper ranch includes two guesthouses, tennis court, horses, and stables. The lower riverfront property includes a fully stocked trout pond for children, a 3-hole golf course, a sauna house, and of course, fishing on the Bitterroot River.

Our Family has been enjoying this gorgeous little pocket of heaven since the early 1960’s.  We were gathered here by our father and our mother, our grandfather and our grandmother, for great family gatherings that saw many pictures taken, and even more memories made.   They taught us that the family is one of the most basic fundamental building blocks in society.   They taught us how to work here.  They taught us how to love and respect each other here.  The magnificent surroundings of this great place will help strengthen your family bonds, and unify your groups and friends by providing the means to create lasting memories.

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